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The no sleep Trek to Mount Batur

September 14, 2023

The no sleep Trek

Love for Travel with a Twist

Do you ever feel like you’re caught in a travel tug-of-war? I sure do. Whenever I leave home, I’m itching to return. But when I’m back, my mind’s already wandering to the next destination. Can you relate?

Now, let’s get to the point. 2023 kicked off on a high note for me, both personally and professionally. But within just two months, everything began to fall apart.

Life’s Unraveling Threads

👩‍💼 My Career

My job, once solid, started to crumble.

😑 Personal Life

My personal life got tangled in confusion.

💔 Relationship

A cherished relationship hit a rough patch.

👪 Family

Even family couldn’t provide solace.

Everything felt like it was slipping away. I encountered a version of myself I never knew existed – sleepless nights, endless agony, dramatic weight loss, and a struggle to eat. It was tough.

The surprising part was the worst has happened earlier but I always made it a point to keep myself so busy that I do not get the time to think or mourn about it.

But it was this time that nothing worked.

Fast forward to July. I thought I will take a solo trip. 

Of course, I didn’t. Who pulls of a plan like that in the first go?

But what I did instead is I planned to go to Bali. Not just Bali, go to Bali with friends.

While for a lot of you it just as normal as anything else. But for me it was a great deal as I restrict myself of such experiences. 

So, it was the first time for me to head out of home with friends.

We didn’t just plan but actually went to Bali.

And now let’s talk about the Mount Batur Trek, shall we?

So we were at this Giant Airbnb. Initially, we planned a comfy jeep ride to Mount Batur, thinking the girls in our group wouldn’t fancy the trek. But at the last moment, my friend and I switched gears.

So now we were going to the trek, with no sleep at all, our bluetooth speakers and the crazy path to the top.

And to add to it. I was not wearing the best shoes there were.

We managed to get to the top. Ofcourse, not smoothly but eventually.


Here are the minute details:

No sleep

Driver picked us up at 2:30 am

We went to the starting point.

We were only carrying summer clothes and it was crazyyyy cold.

Had the worst coffee in the world before starting the trek.

Made foreigners tune to Bollywood music.

Survived and reached to the top.

Had the best view but struggled to stand there. It was so damn cold.

These are the shoes not made for trekking

After all this. It was so worth it. We still discuss it often and say how it was so crazy in a good way.

When we reached the top of Mount Batur and looked at that rising sun. Nothing else in the world was important for a moment.

It all slowed down. As if we too were just born, or began to rise from ashes of our past.

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