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Founding Madvertize: Spearheading Measurable Digital Campaigns

In college, I co-founded Madvertize and directed end-to-end digital marketing campaigns, leveraging social media, SEO, paid ads, and email marketing for measurable results.

Blue Dolphin and Beyond: Expanding Marketing Horizons

Transitioning to Blue Dolphin marked a pivotal step in my marketing career, setting the path for my journey into broader marketing roles.

Branding and Strategy Maven: Crafting Marketing Landscapes

As Director of Marketing and Product Management, I shaped brand identities, refined positioning, and formulated overarching strategies, worked on the roadmap contributing significantly to brand growth.

OurBus Leadership: Budgets, Campaigns, and Impact

At OurBus, I managed a $80-90k USD budget, adeptly allocating resources and driving impactful Google and Facebook campaigns.

Digital Arcs: Head of Digital Marketing

As Head of Digital Marketing, I excelled in client management, executed strategies, and analyzed paid ad mechanisms, fostering a comprehensive digital presence.

Community Engagement Expert at Sermo: Optimisation and Ads (Present)

In my role as Community Associate at Sermo, I manage platforms, conduct surveys, executed paid ad strategies, and streamlined promotional efforts to keep our users retained.

Global Product and Marketing Management: Porter Metrics

Led and mentored a team of 12 developers and formulated the product and marketing strategy and roadmap to scale the company from zero to 600k in ARR.

Elevated team performance, achieving sprint goals by a minimum of 80%, a substantial leap from previous levels below 30%.