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Web Designer

Product Manager

Digital Marketing Consultant and Mentor

I help brands scale from ground level up through comprehensive 360-degree strategic marketing and product plans

| Strengthening My Product Intuition

| Passionate Digital Marketer

| Over 7 Years in the Industry

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About Me

As someone who began their career at a young age, I have had the privilege of growing alongside the industry itself. Each passing day has brought new opportunities for brainstorming, mind mapping, campaign creation, data analysis, and overcoming creative-blocks, all of which have contributed to my evolution, growth, and understanding of what it takes to make a brand successful.
My commitment to each brand and product I work with is unwavering, and I approach each project with a holistic, technical, creative, and strategic mindset. This mindset enables me to provide an experiential and detailed understanding of what it takes to bring an idea to profitable execution.
My portfolio comprises a diverse range of brands and products that I have helped grow from a product and marketing standpoint, and I am honored to be able to share my journey with yours. We’re in it together, I promise….


What I Do

Drawing from a solid foundation in product management, I offer a distinctive perspective on the digital landscape. My expertise lies in understanding market dynamics, user behavior, and product development, seamlessly integrating product strategies with marketing initiatives.

Marketing Strategist

I specialize in crafting 360-degree marketing strategies that encompass organic and paid channels. My campaigns strike a balance between organic reach and paid precision, delivering optimal results.

Retention &
Growth Expertise

Focused on customer retention and growth, I develop strategies to attract and nurture long-term relationships for sustained business growth.


With proficiency in SEO optimization, scalable content ideation, and precise content creation, I create compelling content ecosystems. My approach aims to captivate audiences while driving consistent conversion into loyal customers.


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    Prianca Saini
    Product & Marketing
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